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Indigo Girls
  Epic Records Release Date: February 28, 1989
Epic Re-release Date: October 3, 2004 (with bonus tracks, marked with ***)
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  1. Closer To Fine (Lyrics) (Listen)
  2. Secure Yourself (Lyrics)) (Listen)
  3. Kid Fears (Lyrics) (Listen)
  4. Prince Of Darkness (Lyrics) (Listen)
  5. Blood And Fire (Lyrics) (Listen)
  6. Tried To Be True (Lyrics) (Listen)
  7. Love's Recovery (Lyrics)) (Listen)
  8. Land Of Canaan (Lyrics) (Listen)
  9. Center Stage (Lyrics) (Listen)
  10. History Of Us (Lyrics) (Listen)
  11. Land Of Canaan (Remix)*** (Lyrics) (Listen)
  12. Center Stage (Live)*** (Lyrics) (Listen)

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